LB3200 Evolution

General Features

  • Fully autonomous- The Lawnbott Evolution robotic lawn mowers will go back to the recharger on its own when the battery gets low. So you never have to worry about it all season long.
  • Large yards- The Lawnbott Evolution robotic lawn mowers are designed to handle an industry leading 33,000 sq ft. of yard. That is over 1 acre of actual grass!
  • Steep slopes- Once again, the Lawnbott Evolution robotic lawn mowers lead the way, able to handle slopes of up to 27 degrees and still keep cutting, unlike the competitors which stop cutting at 15 degrees.
  • Self-Programming- This feature alone makes the Lawnbott Evolution robotic lawn mowers worth their weight in gold! As it mows it determines the resistance of the grass and the size of the yard to calculate the next time it needs to go out and mow again. AMAZING!
  • Smart Spiral- When the Lawnbott Evolution robotic lawn mowers detect areas where the grass is growing faster or thicker than other areas such as around sprinkler heads or septic tanks, it will start in a tight circular pattern and work its way out to ensure your whole yard is kept crew-cut smooth.
  • Rain Sensor- This is probably the best feature included on the entire Lawnbott robotic lawnmower line. On the first wet day (or week) this will be a feature you won't want to be without.
  • Infrared Remote- The remote is as easy to use as it is fun. A press of the button and the Lawnbott Evolution robotic lawnmowers head back to the charger. Show it off to your friends like a remote controlled car.
  • Lithium ion battery- The Lawnbott Evolution robotic lawnmower battery lowers the weight and increases performance dramatically.
  • Three zones- The Lawnbott Evolution robotic lawn mowers can handle 3 separate zones by itself. Once set up it will mow one area, go back to recharge, mow another area, go back and recharge, then mow the third, all without human intervention.

Additional Items

  • RF Remote -
  • Anti-Theft Device - The Lawnbott theft alarm system emits a continous beep any time the Lawnbott is picked up or taken out of the wire boundary. The sound is loud enough to attract attention and help locate it. It also can be configured to require a 4 digit password prior to starting. The Lawnbott theft alarm system replaces the IR remote control with the RF version.
  • Spiked Wheels - These spiked tires add beauty as well as function. Tough enough to dig in to slippery slopes but safe enough to roll over concrete.
  • Wheelie Bar -


  • Coverage - 33,000 sq/ft
  • Coverage Per Hour - 2700 sq/ft
  • Mower Size (Length x Width x Height) - 22”x16.5”x10”
  • Weight with Battery - 21 lbs.
  • Cutting Disc - 4 blade
  • Cutting Width - 12”
  • Cutting Height - .75-2.75”
  • Cutting Speed - 65 feet/minute
  • Average Working Time - 2.5 hours
  • Charging Time - 2.5 hours
  • Battery Type - Lithium Ion
  • Hill Capability - 27 degrees
  • Auto Recharge - YES
  • Auto Programming - YES
  • Rain Sensor - YES
  • Remote Control - YES
  • Drive System - 2WD
  • Software Update by Internet - YES


Press CHARGE + -

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