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As I watched my Billie unable to, again today, stay out for more than 1 and 3/4 hours (with new Batteries) I had to wonder how I got the idea that The mower would mow for 4 + hours. I then wondered how I got the idea that the batteries would last 5 to 6 seasons. and how did I ever think that the mower would last 8-10 years?? So I did some Googleing. I will copy and paste some of what i found. Of cores this is what I also saw before purchasing my Lawnbott , so why oh why would I expect so much.

Lawnbott Robotic Lawn Mower - LawnBott Official Dealer - 4 visits - 3:50pm LawnBott robotic lawn mower 30 Day Money Back award winning dealer, …It's predicted life span of 8-10 years is a lot longer than gas mowers and the Robomow. It will also cost less to maintain - just replace blades and batteries. …

Lawnbott Professional LB2110 Robot Lawn Mower Lawnbott Professional LB2100 - entry level, low cost robot lawn mower that's fully … batteries and blades) are rated to last 8 - 10 years before repairs are needed. Since it's user serviceable and easy to repair, it will last forever! … -

LawnBott LB1200 Review The 8 1/2 inch blade spins at 4000 rpm with enough torque to handle St. Augustine … The lithium ion battery will last 4-5 years. The mower itself will …

What is the warranty and how long will the LawnBott lawn mower … The manufacture suggests the LawnBott will last about 8 - 10 years before the motors need replacing. However, since all parts are user replaceable, the lawn …

Robomower compared against LawnBott Robotic Lawn Mower Both LawnBott and Robomower will cost less than a riding lawn mower and a lawn service in the long term; Both LawnBott and … All rights reserved. Last updated on May 1, 2009. … 3 - 4 years, 8 - 10 years, 8 - 10 years … -

Zucchetti - Lawnbott - 3:58pm Average Price: $2500. Our rating: 4 4 8 out of 10 owners liked it! … LawnBott will leave the docking station at its programmed time and return either when … Eco-friendly lithium-ion batteries that are estimated to last five years. … -

The Lawnbott Review - Evolution and Professional Play Well … - 4:03pm You're butt will be out there on your hands and knees installing the boarder wire. Does that part suck? …. I expect the mowers to last 8 years or more. … -

LawnBott LB3500 Robotic Lawn Mower « gigi-hawaii May 12, 2008 … The LawnBott LB3500 lasts 8-10 years before needing repairs. … So the LawnBott LB3500 really interests me, because it will give David more ……/lawnbott-robotic-lawn-mower-lb3500/

Lawnbott Professional / LawnBott LB2100 Robotic Lawn Mower review … Think long-term - the LawnBott Professional LB2100's internal parts (except batteries and blades) are rated to last 8 - 10 years before repairs are needed. …

There are many many more

Silly Me how and why did I think the Lawnbott would last 8 to 10 years with out repairs. and silly me why would any one get the idea that batteries would last 4 to 5 years..

If in fact there are only a few of us that got a lemon of a mower, then I wonder why Lawnbott does not man up and replace these few machines that got through quality control.

When I am told that there are many sold that are not having any trouble. I have to wonder what their definition of many is. I am guessing maybe 2500 to 4000.

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