This page is a copy of a post from Paradise Robotics Forums. Shep874 posted a topic asking to know the issues people have had with their lawnbotts.. Survey post can be found here :


To make sure that I am not assuming things that are not true, I would like to see a survey. Model, when did u purchase it, how many parts have yo had to replace. I agree a great machine when working. for the price I expect the Lawnbott to last for ___ years for all major parts.


Heck, I'll start…

I expected at least 5 trouble free seasons. I received 1.5 before the failures began.


I also expected at least 5 trouble free seasons.


No motors have failed. Even though its red shell is all scratched, it is still going strong. What a trooper!




I expected at least 8 - 10 trouble free seasons. That is what they advertised. I received .4 season before the failures began. I have 3/4 acre I run it every day, it usually stays out 3 1/2 hrs to 4, In the back yard (100 X 275) it stays the longest. I think this is because it gets long straight runs on level ground. The shortest time are my two front ditches. (100 X 30 each) The one side is right at 27 degrees. I help Billie out on this by running my return wire back and forth.


When I first started using the mower it was getting blackout errors once and a while so I removed the filter and the transmitter showed that I had better signal strength and the mower has only had a few blackout errors ever since. Also I am using 1600 foot of wire with no signal booster.

I don’t understand how a lot of you have such low hours on your mowers. With my schedule my yard usually looks great but sometimes it still struggles with spring time growth and then you can notice lots of missed spots.


Runs every day from April to the middle of October. 5-7 hours per run. 4 zones. Difficult yard with very few flat areas. Almost every part of the yard has some amount of slope. Several areas at or near the max pitch allowed. Compass upgrade was a life saver. Nervous about the new upgrade sans-compass, but forging ahead.



Shell is highly cracked and the mower tends to dig in rather then bump many times so lots of rewiring needed.

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