Accelerometer Test

This was a test I ran a few years ago using a Nintendo DS and NDS Motion card (which includes both an accelerometer and gyro). It was posted to the forums and I've moved it here for archiving purposes.

The Forum Post

Hmm.. I was just hoping an accelerometer would allow the bot to do as many smart spirals as needed and continue to know that it hasn't gotten stuck. This would allow for more spirals and placing them more toward the center of the yard, verses only doing one spiral per sensor touch.

Here is just about 2.5 minutes worth of data sampled every .5 seconds. It is tab delimited, so open it with Excel or Calc ( and choose Tab delimited. motionData.csv (Right-click, save as) (if you go to the main page of that site, you will see what I used to capture the data ;))

I calibrated the motion card and then started the recording. I put the cover back on, turned on the bot and started the bot mowing. It wasn't till around 02:00.00 that I picked up the back of the bot and held it there for about 15 seconds and let it go again for another 5-10 seconds before I turned it off and stop the recording. I believe it might be sampling data at to high of a resolution. If someone with some spreadsheet skills could make any use of this data, please let me know. You can see where the bot spun around after startup from 00:34.00 - 00:37.00.

After converting the data into graphs, you can easily see that the Y Z, and R readings are showing where I picked up the back of the bot. After this simple test, I really believe Zucchetti should look into adding this type of data to the bot. In this example my card actually contains a tri-axis accelerometer and a single-axis gyroscope. These cards originally sold for around $25 each fully manufactured. I believe the main parts were a fraction of that cost and I have a contact that used to work for the company that manufactured the accelerometer and did all the engineering for this card.

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