Saw this posted on the forums and didn't want to lose the info (Thanks Jerry):

I found a 24V 10A LIFEP04(lithium iron phosphate)battery at for $199 with a charger but the shipping is expensive $60 and you would have to modify the battery holder on the mower. The good things about the battery is that it has a higher capacity 10A compared to 6.9A for the lawnbott battery, the battery has a 8A max charge current compared to 4A, it should have a longer life cycle then the origanal, and the lawnbott charger will work well beacause the battery takes a 30v charge. You could leave the charger set at 29.5V you would lose a little bit of performance potential but it would be easier on the battery or you could adjust the voltage to 30V on the charger and get the most potential out of the battery. The 3500 would really benifit from the batteries you could use two of these batteries and have the same capacity as three lawnbott batteries and pay alot less. The company sells higher capacity batteries at a better deal but they while not fit in the 3200(maybe they will fit in the 3500 I don't know).

Also has anyone heard if KA is considering to sell a extended warranty or are there any dealers out there selling them. I know the motors are supposed to last longer now but I would still be very interested in a extended warranty especially considering how much replacement parts cost.


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