LB3200 Evolution Technical Details

I haven't fully started to research this yet.. so if anyone has better details please contribute!



  • Rain Sensor -
  • Bump Sensor - Only a front bump sensor.
  • “Stuck” Sensor - If the bot runs for a specified amount of time without hitting the parameter, it will assume it is stuck and display “Blocked” on the screen.


  • RS232 - It has an RS232 Serial port inside used to update the firmware as well as for the RF Module for an RF Remote.
  • Buttons - It has three navigation buttons and 4 function buttons.


  • LCD Back-lit Display - 2 rows of 16 characters


  • Wheel Motors - 2006 and prior: Drukermotoren (Druker) G30.0 (3050 RPM) with MG2-2 Magnetic Pulse Encoder; 2007+: IMS, models?
  • Blade Motor - 2006 and prior: Drukermotoren (Druker) models?
  • Blade Motor - 2007: Transtecno EC078.240 - EC Series documentation: p_ec_ott08_.pdf


  • 2006 and prior: Drukermotoren (Druker) PLG32 planetary gearbox with 162:1 ratio (18.83 output RPM, 400 Ncm torque)
  • 2007+: IMS, model?


Firmware is provided in Motorola S-Record format. More information about the format can be found HERE.

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