Accessing the Service Menu

I haven't fully started to research this yet.. so if anyone has better details please contribute!

To access the service menu, power on the bot and enter your password (if it is set). When you get “Pause” on the display, press Charge, then +, then -.


To test the motors, after accessing the service menu as described above, press + once and the display should read “Test Motors”. Press enter. Caution: While in the test motors option do not press enter again as it starts/stops the blade test.

Now press the + key 10 times to put the motors at +100% and read the lines on the display. If you have a failing motor one number will be higher than the other (e.g. for arcs to the right the left one will be higher than the right one).

Now press the - key 20 times to put the test at -100% (reverse direction) and read the lines on the display. Don't be surprised if you discover the bot can back up completely fine but can't go forward correctly… that appears to be the failure mode of the motors which leads to the right arcs.

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